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Our data sources and principles.

Open Data

We use open data wherever possible, including Open Street Map for most spatial data, along with global-scale databases of open demographic data to understand urban populations.

Open Source Code

Our code is open source, available on github, and we are acknowledged world leaders in open source transport software.

Web-based Platforms

Instead of bulky, stand-alone platforms, our platforms are all web-based, enabling us to develop highly customised, flexible frameworks that are uniquely tailored to individual applications.


So what is moveability?

Why Moveability?


Moveability Analyses


Moveability Layers


Moveability for the World


Data Quality


Moveability Comparisons


Our team

Some of the amazing people we currently have the honour of working with.

Mark Padgham

Mark Padgham

Lead Developer

Lives in Münster, Germany

Mark leads the moveability project, drawing on years of experience developing analytic tools and software for urban analyses. He and Robin have positioned themselves as global leaders in open-source transport planning software. He is the developer of the R packages osmdata bikedata, dodgr, and lots more.

Thomas Kluth

Thomas Kluth

Data Scientist

Lives in Münster, Germany

During his Ph.D. in linguistics, Thomas investigated human cognition using computational modeling. After four years of basic research in cognitive science, he is now focusing on enabling a transformation to a more sustainable world. As a computer scientist and cyclist, he strongly believes in the power of open data, open source, and local communities to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Robin Lovelace

Robin Lovelace

Academic Lead

Lives in Leeds, U.K.

Robin holds a University Academic Fellowship (UAF) in Transport and Big Data in the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) and Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA). Robin has developed high impact transport applications, including in his role as Lead Developer on the UK’s Propensity to Cycle Tool and Principal Investigator of the Cycling Infrastructure Prioritisation Toolkit (CyIPT). Robin is author of many publications on geographic data science and transport modelling, including the open source book Geocomputation with R.

Layik Hama

Layik Hama

Research Engineer

Lives in Leeds, U.K.

Without Layik we would have no front end. Period. He single-handedly invented an entirely new system to enable us to flexibly spin up phenomenally powerful front-ends customised to a city’s specific needs.

We are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey. Please contact us if you’re interested in coming along for the ride!

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